British F3 - What they said: Brands Hatch race three

What they said: Brands Hatch race three

What they said: Brands Hatch race three

Sunday 5 August 2018

Nicolai Kjaergaard, Jamie Caroline and Linus Lundqvist were the top three drivers in the final BRDC British F3 race of the weekend at the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit. Here's what the trio had to say at the end of the race:

Winner, Nicolai Kjaergaard:

"Jamie was always close to me, especially at the start of the race when he didn't let me go even though I was pushing quite hard. In the end he wasn't quite fast enough to challenge for the lead so I was really happy about that and Carlin have given me and my team mates a fantastic car this weekend, we've been really fast and it's been a great weekend.

"I may have been able to push a bit more if Jamie challenged, but it is hard to say. The tyres weren't as good as they had been when they were new at the start of the weekend, but I think I would have had him covered anyway."

Second, Jamie Caroline:
"It's not been a bad weekend, my second British F3 weekend of the season and only my third in total this year, so it's not bad. Had we been anywhere else we could have gone for the lead but every time I gained on Nicolai I got into the aero push that you get in these cars around here, but it's a good result for the team. Hopefully Trevor [Carlin] sat in California will have been looking at the live timing and been happy with that one! I've done my job as a supersub this weekend so I'm happy for the team and myself.

"I don't want to get in the way [of the championship battle] and I think I did the right thing in that race. I did what I needed to for the team, we did a good job as a team player this weekend which I perhaps don't always do! So it's a good weekend for the team, the car was faultless and I want to thank Carlin and Trevor for giving me the opportunity this weekend."

Third, Linus Lundqvist:
"All in all it's been a solid weekend, two podiums is not a bad result. It's a fun circuit, the car has been good and a big thanks to my team for this.

"Obviously I'm keeping an eye on the championship but you still want to produce the best results as possible over a weekend. Maybe we didn't maximise our speed this weekend but there are still two more weekends to go and hopefully we can get another win or two in those races."  

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