British F3 - What they said: Brands Hatch race two

What they said: Brands Hatch race two

What they said: Brands Hatch race two

Sunday 5 August 2018

Jamie Chadwick claimed a historic victory in race two at Brands Hatch, with Krishnaraaj Mahadik and Kush Maini alongside her on the podium. Here's what the trio had to say after the race:

Winner, Jamie Chadwick:
"I knew Pavan would get a penalty for the start, I was hoping he would get a drive through so I could just get my head down but I knew he was getting the penalty so I just sat behind him. I've had much harder races for lower positions so it was nice to have that one a little bit easier and to get that first win. 

"It's really hard to pass around here so I knew if I had track position, which I got on the first lap, my race wouldn't be too bad. Fortunately starting a bit further up helped me out a bit. I'm absolutely delighted and a big thanks to the Douglas Motorsport team for making this happen."

Second, Krishnaraaj Mahadik:
"A very good race for me after starting in P9, it was very interesting with a lot of great moves. We gained a lot of positions and it was amazing and a lot of good race experience as well.

"We lost a few positions as well as gaining them, it's always good to be racing in the pack and fighting my way through, and I'm really happy to be on the podium again."

Third, Kush Maini:
"I started 10th, got a bad start but made it up in the first lap. After that there was chaos at the front and I just kept my nose clean and looked for the opportunities. It's my eighth podium of the year so I'm happy, but we've had a few tough races, it's good to be back here, but we will be pushing harder to get back on the top step.

"There were plenty of battles raging and I thought there was going to be a bit of contact so I took different lines and got people on the exits, and I'm really happy with my race."

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