British F3 - What they said: Donington qualifying

What they said: Donington qualifying

What they said: Donington qualifying

Saturday 22 September 2018

Carlin's Billy Monger claimed a sensational pole position on his return to Donington Park this morning, with a blistering lap that put him clear of teammate Nicolai Kjaergaard and Chris Dittmann Racing's Ayrton Simmons. Here's what the top-three had to say after the session:

Pole, Billy Monger:
"To come back here, with the meaning this circuit has to me and my first race back here, to get pole is an awesome way for me to start the weekend. It's something that I knew was doable, especially after the last few rounds where we've come so close and I've made mistakes. Today was all about doing the job and we've definitely done that.

"It's never that easy to plan it all out, we had an idea of what our run was going to be like. To be honest, with it being so cold here today and potential rain this afternoon, I just wanted to make sure my tyres were fully up to temperature before I started to push so during the middle of the session, my laps, although they were still competitive, weren't fully committed, and it wasn't until I got to the last few laps I knew everything was up to temperature and I just went for it, had a nice space on the circuit and did two laps good enough for pole.

"In a race situation I'm going to feel a bit different, I was a bit nervous before that qualifying but I tried to use every bit of energy that I had to spur me on for qualifying  and hopefully I can repeat that for the race.

"Depending on if I win the race or not, the £150 pole prize might go on some booze so I can make the boys [Carlin] drink out of my leg!"

P2, Nicolai Kjaergaard:
"It was a good session for us, we were on the pace throughout. We changed the tyres during a pit stop unlike most other people, which I'm not sure was the best decision for qualifying but obviously they'll be scrubbed for the races, and it takes a while to get them in, so that could be an advantage in the race. Overall I'm happy and from the front row you never know what could happen after the start.

"It would be good to win here after last year, that's definitely the goal here this weekend and I'm hoping we can do that. We will have to see how the weather is going to be this afternoon and tomorrow, but it looks interesting and I'm going for wins."

P3, Ayrton Simmons:
"It's been pretty tough, each lap I'm just learning so much. It's just really hard to even get my references really and on each lap I'm pushing more and more and getting quicker and quicker. Fair play to Chris [Dittmann] and the team, they've given me an amazing car, it's not just me that hasn't tested in the dry, it's them as well and they've come out and given me an amazing car to drive.

"We're going to try and move forwards as much as we can in the race. A race win is certainly on the cards so we have to push, see what the weather does and fingers crossed for race one."

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