British F3 - What they said: Donington Park race two

What they said: Donington Park race two

What they said: Donington Park race two

Sunday 23 September 2018

Sun Yue Yang claimed his first BRDC British F3 Championship race win in the second race of the weekend at Donington Park this morning. He was joined on the podium by Tom Gamble and Pavan Ravishankar, and here's what the top-three had to say at the end of the race:

Winner, Sun Yue Yang:
"It's a good feeling. We were quite lucky as well but I'm glad we could make it. I saw I had a good lead but I wasn't thinking about anything at the time, I was just chasing lap times as there was nothing to defend and nothing to fight so I was just looking to post good lap times for the third race.

"Of course it's great to win the race, it's my first win in single seaters so I was very excited, and now we can aim for some more."

Second, Tom Gamble:
"It could have been one step better if it wasn't for the red flag, but the time we got in the actual race was only four or five laps at racing speed. It's good to get on the podium again and put us up there for the last race.

"At the first start I saw the safety car and I was a bit gutted, and the red flag came out and I thought 'oh no, it was the best start I've had in my racing career!' Luckily we got a decent one in the second race too and got to third on the opening lap.

"I got Pavan coming out of the last corner on the penultimate lap and that allowed me to get a decent lap in at the end which is good, and we're up at the front for the last race and we'll have to see what we can do there.

"I think I could have got Sunny at the end had there been more laps, we were closing on him and if we'd had a whole race I could have been mounting a challenge at the end, but we got a decent lap in at the end which is the main thing for the last race."

Third, Pavan Ravishankar:
"It was decent I think, but I wasn't entirely happy with my personal performance. There was a lot of pace I should have found, but anyway we'll take a podium and use it as motivation for the next one. 

"The performances recently have been good, and this weekend. The results might not show it, especially race one yesterday where we were pretty decent with our pace but unfortunately we were 15th, and qualifying wasn't great, but we've had a few glimpses of hope but we've not quite put it together entirely this weekend so far as far as I'm concerned.

"I'm really hopeful for the last race, I start 12th and if we can finish in the top-10 and have a good race and put a good personal performance together I'll be happy with that."

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