British F3 - Q&A with Double R Racing's Dev Gore

Q&A with Double R Racing's Dev Gore

Q&A with Double R Racing's Dev Gore

Wednesday 27 December 2017

American racer Dev Gore will step up to BRDC British F3 in 2018 with 2016 champions Double R Racing. We caught up with the 20-year-old to discuss his preparations ahead of his first season of European competition:

What convinced you to join BRDC British F3 for the 2018 season?

My management team at WHSG played a big role in suggesting British F3 on the basis that it provides the best opportunity to test at a cost effective rate. My last year was a bit messy in the pre-season so it was nice to start an early testing program and get to drive the BRDC British F3 car before the year ended. Once I drove the car I fell in love, driving an aero car for the first time was something pretty special, especially with how compliant the car is to my driving style. After a really positive test with Double R at Silverstone, it was clear that this was going to be the best environment for me in 2018.

How have your preparations gone so far, and how many opportunities have you had to drive the car?

I have had a few opportunities to drive the car so far, each time better than the last. I had a bit of an eye-opening experience at Snetterton getting the full British experience with mixed weather conditions whilst being freezing cold. That test was a bit hectic with a lot of firsts but I think it was good to just dive right into the deep end and learn what I will be up against. The second test was very positive, getting to drive the GP circuit at Silverstone was an amazing feeling and while although the cold temperatures stayed, we managed to get two days of dry weather. I had a very positive experience at Silverstone and think I surprised everyone a bit with my speed. But the team and I worked together really well and made positive gains every session to end the two days with a very quick time on new tyres. We ended the year at Pembrey with another two days in mixed conditions, but this time I was able to meet one of my teammates for the 2018 season, who is highly experienced with the UK tracks and should be a good person to compare to and work with next year.

How does the car compare to those you have driven in America?

In short, it’s fast. I haven’t driven many cars with Aero and none that produce the same numbers as the British F3 car. I think Double R have also developed the car quite well with a strong baseline setup. It’s tough to draw comparisons without getting too specific but I would have to say the difference is the overall professionalism of European racing and the positive work hard environment that everyone is in. It’s a different system compared to the US in that mechanics and engineers are on the same ladder system that drivers are on. This creates a healthy competitive environment that has everyone working hard to prove themselves and advance to the next level of racing. The extra effort I think translates to better cars as mechanics and engineers look to make their own stamp on the industry by providing a better car every time they go to a track. As a driver this gives you so much confidence in the team and allows drivers, mechanics and engineers to all motivate and push each other into achieving the best results possible by creating the best car possible.

Will you be living in the UK during the season, and have you ever moved to another country before to race, and how much are you looking forward to it?

Yes I will be moving to be close to the team throughout the year. Although it’s not my first time living abroad for racing it is the furthest away that I have ever been. Many people get confused and sometimes think that I am Canadian as I spent three years living in Quebec while I worked with Ben Cooper and Zacharie Robichon who were my coaches in karting at the time. The experiences that I had over there were some of the best times of my life to date and were crucial to my development as a driver. Many days were spent stripping down karts and building them back up with Ben's father or doing countless laps at the track. I believe that motorsport is a full time job and that there is plenty to learn just by being involved with it on a daily basis. My past experiences have made me excited to get over to the UK and start working again as I know now what is possible in terms of what can be achieved when you fully immerse yourself in the sport.

What is your pre-season schedule like, are you going to be very busy?

Yes, and that is a great thing. Once again I have my management team and Double R to thank as they have worked to get me in the car as much as possible before the season begins. I am effectively doing four times the amount of testing that I did last year which is a pretty standard number amongst drivers in Europe but something I have never experienced before. So with the guidance of my coach Enzo Mucci and the staff at Double R along with the support of WHSG I feel very confident that we will be ready to fight for the championship from day one of the official season.

What are your aims for the year ahead?

I think it is still a bit too early to set targets or at least make public my realistic targets for the year. But, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said I was aiming for anything other than first. Time will tell where I end up in the championship but I hope it goes something like the way it does inside my head whenever I think about it. I mostly just look forward to meeting and exceeding my personal performance goals and showing the world that I do belong here.

How will you be spending the Christmas break, do you get chance to relax or are you going to be constantly thinking about racing?

I constantly think about racing but that is relaxing to me. The truth is I am at my happiest when I’m wearing my kit walking around the paddock. There is just something about the moments before you get into the actual car and set off that are just so amazing to me. I usually end up in Seattle (where I grew up) for Christmas. But this year will actually be my first ever Christmas away as I will be in Atlanta (my current Hometown) training everyday to be ready to hit 2018 hard.


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