British F3 - What they said: Spa race three

What they said: Spa race three

What they said: Spa race three

Saturday 8 July 2017

Enaam Ahmed, Toby Sowery and Ben Hingeley were the top three drivers in the third and final BRDC British F3 race of the weekend at Spa Francorchamps. Here's what the top-three had to say at the end of the race.

WINNER, Enaam Ahmed:

"Toby was much quicker than me at the start of the race and was taking slightly different lines, as I think track conditions changed after the British GT race. He seemed to adapt to it quicker than I did but I was able to catch him slowly and he was running lower downforce so it was hard to get him on the straight, so I had to maximize sector two. But once I was able to get a good exit from turn one I was able to just about catch him and then pass him.

"The team did a mega job this weekend because we were slow after Silverstone and were struggling at long high speed tracks. We found a solution and they did a mega job to get me out and give me a competitive car for this weekend. It's been a fantastic weekend for the championship and I couldn't have asked for better!"

P2, Toby Sowery:

"It was an OK race, it's been the summary of the weekend really. We can race really well, get into good positions but we just don't have the pace to keep it. When you're in the lead, you're so vulnerable to the car behind when you're on the Kemmel straight. We were struggling with the car in right handers specifically, which obviously doesn't help but that's not an excuse. 

"I thought I might be able to keep Enaam behind me but I made a small mistake at Stavelot and he managed to get close enough and drag past. I don't think if there was a straight he would have got past me, but it's such a long straight for us that any opportunity you get, you pretty much take."

P3, Ben Hingeley:

"It's great to be back on the podium coming from sixth place on the grid, especially after what happened in race two - that really put us on the back foot.

"I think the track had changed today from yesterday especially this morning when it was a bit quicker, and after the GT race it seemed to slow down a lot. It probably hurt us a bit more than it hurt the other two and they had just a tenth or two more every lap which helped them get away. In the end that was enough and I couldn't catch them. I was hoping that their battling would bring them closer to me but it didn't happen and third was the best we could do I think."

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