British F3 - What they said: Brands Hatch race two

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What they said: Brands Hatch race two

What they said: Brands Hatch race two

Sunday 4 August 2019

Nazim Azman, Ayrton Simmons and Josh Mason were the top-three finishers in the second race of the weekend at Brands Hatch this morning. Here's what each had to say at the end of the race.

Winner, Nazim Azman:
"The last lap was really, really scary actually! I thought the race ended on the second last lap and then I saw there was one lap to go and I was so scared! But I just kept on pushing and kept my cool, and in the end, here we are on the top step.

"It was quite intense, I got really lucky at the first corner and I was so close to making contact but I managed to avoid the pile-up, so all was OK in the end, so I'm quite happy!

"I'm not sure what we can do later on today, we didn't have such a good qualifying so we will have to see. We've used our best tyres but hopefully we can have another good start, gain a few positions and get some good points."

Second, Ayrton Simmons:
"I'm really happy for the team, it's been a long time coming and they've got a 1-2. They've been performing so well throughout the season so it's brilliant to see. We almost struggled to get on the grid, we had problems with fuel pressure I think and just got on the grid, and we had problems throughout the race with the engine cutting out but aside from that, P2 is really good for the championship.

"If I saw an opportunity I was going to go for it, for sure, as I knew it would have helped with my championship, but Nazim did an amazing job and I'm really happy him. To be in the lead and under so much pressure for the whole race is really good for him."

Third, Josh Mason:
"In the early stages of the race I was keeping up with them but they pulled out a gap and I was on my own. They were really quick at the end and I didn't have the pace, but I'm happy with a podium today. 

"It's my third podium now, I hope there's a few more to come but I'm building on my progress with the team, Lanan have done a fantastic job helping me get up here so I owe a thank you to them."

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