British F3 - Cheltenham, Autosport show and Photoshop: Getting to know you with Zak O’Sullivan

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Next Event:
Silverstone GP
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Cheltenham, Autosport show and Photoshop: Getting to know you with Zak O’Sullivan

Cheltenham, Autosport show and Photoshop: Getting to know you with Zak O’Sullivan

Wednesday 9 June 2021

The current BRDC British F3 Championship leader is Zak O’Sullivan and the young Brit has already demonstrated he’s up to speed in his new category with a victory and a podium at Brands Hatch.

He’s already been racing for eight years, including campaigns in Ginetta Juniors and British F4 where he came close to major titles. Away from the track he’s a keen Photoshop artist, but is determined to design a path to the top echelons of the sport.

Let’s find out more about Zak…

Where is your hometown and can you tell us anything interesting about where you’re from?
I was born in London, and grew up there until I was eight. I then moved to just outside Cheltenham, it’s quite a small town but is renowned for hosting the Cheltenham Horse races every year.

How did you first become interested in motorsport?
When I was growing up, my dad would always watch the F1 on the weekends. I soon followed suit and quickly fell in love with the sport. After a few years, we visited the Autosport show at the NEC and I saw some go karts for sale. After a year a pleading my dad, eventually he got me a kart, and that’s where the journey started.

Who has been your biggest career influence so far?
My biggest influence in my career, as I’m sure many people will have said, are of course my parents. Motorsport is such a time consuming and astronomically expensive sport, so their support has been crucial to my career progression.

Tell us about your career so far and how it has got you to this position in British F3 now?
I started competing at club level Honda cadet karting at the age of eight, from there I moved to national level karting in 2016. In 2017, I went out to compete in the OKJ World and European championships at 11, it was a huge step up and a massive learning curve, but was definitely the right move as I learnt so much in a short period of time.

My first season in cars was 2019; I competed in the Ginetta Junior championship, it was an awesome year with some of the closest racing I’ve ever experienced and I managed to learn a lot and have a relatively successful first year in cars. Last year I moved up to single seaters, competing in British F4 with Carlin. I narrowly missed out on the title, but most importantly developed a good relationship with Carlin which I hope to continue this year!

Which circuit are you most looking forward to racing on?
Spa, I haven’t driven the track yet, but from what I’ve heard and seen its awesome! I’m more excited about the potential for some wheel to wheel racing, it’s very rare to be able to get close enough to race side by side in these cars, so hopefully the Kemmel straight enables us to do so.

What is your aim for the 2021 British F3 season?
To focus on my own progression and improvement. I still think I’m not fully maximising everything available to me, so if I can do this by the end of the season, the results should follow. Any improvements I make this year will massively benefit me in my future career.

What is your biggest hidden talent?
I’m pretty handy at Photoshop and livery design. So in the majority of my free time, in between races, I spend countless hours designing liveries and helmets for games or real life!

What are your ultimate career ambitions?
My ultimate ambition would of course be F1, but due to the financial side of motorsport, a more realistic ambition would be to get a healthy income doing what I love.

A few topshots from the family album:

Who needs a seat when a helmet will do?!


Celebrating a karting triumph

Taming the wet in karting

On the way to the runner-up spot in the 2019 Ginetta Junior Championship

With Carlin in his first season of single-seater racing in 2020

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