British F3 - What they said: Silverstone race two

What they said: Silverstone race two

What they said: Silverstone race two

Sunday 18 August 2019

Manuel Maldonado, Nico Varrone and Clement Novalak were the top three drivers in the second race of the weekend at Silverstone. Here's what each said at the end of the race. 

Winner: Manuel Maldonado:
"Even though it's not the way we want to do it, with a reverse grid, we had a pretty bad day yesterday, but nevertheless we made sure we got off the line, built a gap up and after that it was a matter of making sure the tyres didn't go off at the end and that was pretty much it.

"The most difficult part was making sure the tyres didn't go off because you can't predict which lap it's going to go off and that was pretty much the hardest part of the race, making sure you cooled them off and didn't take too much life out of the tyres.

"We will try and make the most out of what's left in the championship and hopefully get more podiums and wins if that is possible."

Second: Nico Varrone:
"It's my third weekend in the series with no testing and it was really difficult for me yesterday because of the new asphalt [being different to last time the series raced here]. I wasn't able to get any testing last week when the other drivers did, and then Friday it rained all day so I didn't get any laps in the dry so we were straight into qualifying, and we didn't have a good qualifying and couldn't get a clean lap. I started race one at the back but we had really good pace even though starting at the back is really difficult to overtake, but today, starting fourth, I knew I'd have the pace for the win with the new tyres. But it started to rain and we didn't expect that.

"So we started fourth, got a clean start and I could overtake Azman and then some laps later we passed Wright. Maldonado was very consistent and I couldn't get closer, he couldn't pull more of a gap so it was difficult. Then Novalak came close but I managed the gap and then I could pull away. It's my second podium in three weekends so that's really good and I'm really happy that we keep improving."

Third: Clement Novalak:
"It's a good result, I'm obviously happy with the points we got, especially with yesterday's difficult race, but hopefully this afternoon we can grab some more points, but it was definitely a really interesting reverse grid and the wet gave it a bit of extra spice, especially with the guys around us and having to overtake a lot of cars. We made some ground up really quickly which was really pleasing and obviously towards the end we lost a little bit of pace, but I'm happy with the result. 

"It was definitely more tricky than usual but I think sometimes the pace advantage is greater than what you may have had in the dry and obviously being in the wet it's not so high speed, so it's easier to follow but I'm happy with the way the reverse grids have gone. There's one more to come at Donington now but in terms of building a gap in the championship it's been really useful and I think it's that and consistency that's put me where I am now."

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