British F3 - Spain, Soccer and stocks: getting to know you with Ayrton Simmons

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Next Event:
Silverstone GP
26 / 27 June

Spain, Soccer and stocks: getting to know you with Ayrton Simmons

Spain, Soccer and stocks: getting to know you with Ayrton Simmons

Thursday 3 June 2021

Ayrton Simmons has returned to the BRDC British F3 Championship for a second full season with Chris Dittmann Racing this year, so it is fair to say we already know his on-track style well.

But did you know he’s a former karting world champion that can also trade the forex markets? Nope, nor did we!

Over to you, Ayrton…

1. Where is your hometown, and can you tell us anything interesting about where you’re from?
My hometown is Epping in Essex, England. Epping Forest is one of the largest forests in England, or certainly one of the bigger ones if I’m correct! Apart from that, not a lot goes on!

2. How did you first become interested in motorsport?
I first became interested in motorsport due to my dad being a big fan and I used to watch the races on the weekends with him. It was at the time when Fernando Alonso had just entered the scene as a championship contender against Michael Schumacher and it was pretty good to watch, I must say.

3. Who has been your biggest career influence so far?
Again this has to be my dad, and actually myself! We’re a very close family and we have always worked things out on our own and within the family. There are obviously drivers that I look up to but they never had the influence that my dad has over my career. The influence I have on myself is the amount I push myself every day to train, condition, eat right even at the track, even just to stay that extra hour. So if I’m allowed to say me as well then I will!

4. Tell us about your career so far and how it has got you to this position in British F3 now?
I raced in karting where I was multiple Madrid champion, Spanish champion and a Rotax World Champion. That led to my step up to British F4 where I finished as runner-up.

I think as most people know I competed in this championship [British F3] in 2019 where I finished third. Then after that in 2020 I moved over to Europe and did half the season [in EuroFormula]. I couldn’t do the full season because of budget reasons, and that reason led me back here. But more importantly is how equal and well run this championship is compared to a lot of other junior championships, so that’s a big attraction for me to come back.

5. Which circuit are you most looking forward to racing on?
Spa for sure, I think every driver would say that! I haven’t been there for a couple of years so it will be good to get myself back into the swing of things around one of the best tracks in the world. We had some pretty good results there when I raced in 2019 so hopefully this year we can replicate a bit of that.

6. What is your aim for the 2021 British F3 season?
My aim for the season is to walk away with the British F3 title. I think I have an amazing team around me that I have so much faith in. I obviously have faith in myself, I feel I have a year under my belt in this championship and a few other races here and there, so the experience is there. Obviously we’re up against people with a lot of track time, but I think it will balance itself out when you consider my previous experience. But my aim is to be British F3 champion.

7. What is your biggest hidden talent?
I wouldn’t say I’m good at football any more but I was playing a lot about two years ago, but that sort of stopped. But I’d say I’m an ok footballer. But actually, and this is perhaps more interesting, I can trade the forex markets which not a lot of people can say they can. So they’re probably my biggest hidden talents!

8. What are your ultimate career ambitions?
My ultimate ambition would be to reach all the way to Formula One for sure. That’s everyone’s ambition but for me it’s been on my mind since I was a kid, so that’s the goal and it always will be the goal until we can’t go any further. So I think British F3 is the right step towards that goal and we will see how it plays out.

A few topshots from the family album:

A young Ayrton pictured with brother Alex

Ready for another karting stint

Ayrton with F1 legend Lewis Hamilton

On the way to success in British F4

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