British F3 - Shake and bake! Getting to know you with Christian Mansell

Next Event:
Silverstone GP
26 / 27 June

Next Event:
Silverstone GP
26 / 27 June

Shake and bake! Getting to know you with Christian Mansell

Shake and bake! Getting to know you with Christian Mansell

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Throughout the next few weeks in the build up to Silverstone round, we'll be profiling the drivers on this year's grid, getting to know them a little better and finding out what makes them tick.

First up is Carlin's Christian Mansell. The 16-year-old Aussie is already a race winner in British F3 after his sensational race three start at Brands Hatch, and he is hoping to use the inspiration of Ricky Bobby to power him to the top of the championship in 2021.

Over to Christian...

1. Where is your hometown and can you tell us anything interesting about where you’re from?
Newcastle, Australia. Newcastle is also known for having some of the best beaches in the Country.

2. Will you be travelling from your home country to race in British F3 or have you moved to live in the UK? If so, where in the UK will you be living?
Yeah, booked the private jet over each time, just casual stuff! Ok, so maybe I live in Surrey… minor details.

3. How did you first become interested in motorsport?
Pretty simple, at a hire kart track. Then I bought a go kart off eBay and it went from there!

4. Who has been your biggest career influence so far?
Ricky Bobby (shake and bake)!

5. Tell us about your career so far and how it has got you to this position in British F3 now?
I’ve been fortunate enough to race for Carlin last season in the British F4 championship where we won the Rookie Championship together. I feel like it’s a great move to make the step up with them to British F3 for the 2021 season.

6. Which circuit are you most looking forward to racing on?
I’d say Silverstone because it’s such a cool place to drive. Racing on the full track is going to be really fun.

7. What is your aim for the 2021 British F3 season?
To win the championship, I mean there’s not much else.

8. What is your biggest hidden talent?
Honestly, I have no idea!
(Carlin jump in here… he’s always super happy and chatty – hidden talent is always somehow putting a smile on people’s faces!)

9. What are your ultimate career ambitions?
I’d love to end up at the top of motorsport in Formula 1, but also have a blast along the way!

A few topshots from the family album:

Christian with his Cadet kart

Christian gives a thumbs up

With brother Josh

"Christian being Christian"

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