British F3 - Horsten hungry for success with Hitech in 2021

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Next Event:
Brands Hatch
22 / 23 May

Horsten hungry for success with Hitech in 2021

Horsten hungry for success with Hitech in 2021

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Australian Bart Horsten returns to the BRDC British F3 championship in 2021 for a second season in the category, this time with Hitech GP.

The Silverstone-based team came close to winning the title at their first attempt last year, finishing second with Kush Maini, and Horsten has made the switch to the squad in pursuit of his own run at the title.

We caught up with him during a break in his busy pre-season, and he discusses his thoughts on moving to his new team, keeping busy during the off-season, and a desire to see more parrots in the UK...

How excited are you to be back on the British F3 grid this year?

“Obviously I’m excited to be back racing and competing in a championship that I enjoyed a huge amount last year. It’s my first time returning to a championship so I’m looking forward to what comes with that.”

How has pre-season testing gone so far with Hitech?

“Looking at this question I realised you probably almost always get a positive answer so unfortunately I’m going to add to that as I’ve had a great time working with Hitech in every capacity. I feel super prepared thanks to everyone’s expertise as well as the constant pressure of my teammates.”

What appealed to you when choosing to race with Hitech and are you having to change your approach heading into the new season?

“Hitech’s results in the championship last year were the biggest thing that caught my attention considering the limited timeframe they had to prepare. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to experience their fantastic facilities and work with a lot of hugely knowledgeable and motivated people which has helped me improve a lot and is also a big part of why I chose to race with them in 2021. To be honest I can’t really remember how I approached last season as a lot has changed since then and, considering how much I’ve changed, I think it’s inevitable that my mind set will have evolved as well.”

Looking back on 2020, what was your season highlight?

“The two laps which put me first in Donington GP practice and definitely the second place at Silverstone at the end of the season. I fought unbelievably hard to get the result that weekend all the way from practice on Thursday. Most of the time it was a constant struggle to get the car to behave around the track but in the mixed conditions on Sunday morning it seemed to click.”

As one of the few drivers with a full British F3 season behind you last year, are you confident of wins and a championship challenge in 2021?

“I’m not confident of anything apart from the fact that me and everyone at Hitech GP will be doing everything we can to get the best results possible this season.”

How have you been keeping busy during the various lockdowns over the past few months? Have you had chance to head back to Australia or have you been keeping yourself in the UK?

“If only it were that easy, maybe if I had a private jet I would’ve gone back home but even then I think I would’ve struggled to get in! I was given the opportunity to enjoy a British winter to its fullest in the off season and devoted the majority of my time to physical preparation as well as racing on the simulator. I remember having Christmas Day off and New Year’s but apart from that I’ve been working and training to the best of my ability.”

How are you finding the adaptation from living in Australia to the UK?

“Cold, wet, dark, lack of parrots, far too many roadworks! That pretty much sums it up.”

If you have a strong season in 2021, what are you hoping your future career would look like?

“I’m always aiming for Formula One so with that in mind, the next step on the single seater ladder is FIA F3. It’s going to be reliant on what I can achieve in and out of the car this season so it’s certainly a very exciting time for myself.”

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