British F3 - Ravishankar races to maiden British F3 win in Silverstone race two

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Next Event:
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20 / 22 April

Ravishankar races to maiden British F3 win in Silverstone race two

Ravishankar races to maiden British F3 win in Silverstone race two

Sunday 10 June 2018

Pavan Ravishankar claimed his maiden BRDC British F3 race win in the second event of the weekend at Silverstone this morning. The Singaporean started from pole for Double R Racing and took full advantage to stretch out a comfortable lead, with Carlin's Sun Yue Yang second and Fortec's Tom Gamble taking third.

Nicolai Kjaergaard gained eight places to secure fourth ahead of Tristan Charpentier, with race one winner Linus Lundqvist making up 11 places from 17th on the grid to take sixth. Billy Monger, Jordan Cane, Jamie Chadwick and Sasakorn Chaimongkol completed the top-10.

Ravishankar made a good start from pole to lead into Copse on the first lap, while Arvin Esmaeili initially held second place after climbing from third on the grid with Charpentier holding third. There were good starts also for Kjaergaard who gained four places on lap one to run eighth, and championship leader Lundqvist, who climbed to ninth. Further back there was trouble for race one podium finisher Kush Maini at Village, which relegated him to the back of the field while Manuel Maldonado, who had made a good start, had spun at Luffield, forcing him to pit.

Ravishankar's lead at the end of lap one was 0.8s, a margin he extended to 1.9 seconds on lap two with Esmaeili holding off the attentions of Yang in third. By lap three Yang had found his way past the Swede, but by this time, Ravishankar had a lead of 3.4 seconds. Charpentier and Gamble also found their way past Esmaeili, with Kjaergaard and Lundqvist rising as a pair to sixth and seventh, with Jusuf Owega and Krishnaraaj Mahadik pitting, with Mahadik having a broken front wing and Owega a rear puncture, the pair having been sixth and seventh at the time.

The lead at the front remained static for a couple of laps, while Kjaergaard and Lundqvist continued their progress by passing Esmaeili for fifth and sixth on lap four. Just ahead, a queue was forming behind Charpentier, with the Frenchman holding off Gamble, with Kjaergaard and Lundqvist soon to join in. 

Up front, Yang slightly narrowed the gap to 2.8 seconds starting the penultimate lap, but Ravishankar was able to pull the gap out once more to take his maiden win and his first British F3 podium by 3.4 seconds, while Yang's podium was also the first for the Renault Sport Academy driver.

Charpentier held third until Gamble and Kjaergaard found their way past on lap eight, with the Frenchman then having to fend off the attentions of the charging Lundqvist, who finished 0.445s behind in sixth.

Monger made good progress from 10th on the grid to secure seventh. The Carlin driver had fallen to 12th on the first lap, but a series of overtakes propelled him well into the top-10, with Chadwick rising from 13th to take ninth and Chaimongkol completing the top-10 for Hillspeed. 

The top three drivers were presented with their trophies on the podium by BRDC member Michael Wheatley.

BRDC British F3 Championship, Silverstone race two result:

1. Pavan Ravishankar, Double R Racing, 10 laps
2. Sun Yue Yang, Carlin, +3.461s
3. Tom Gamble, Fortec Motorsports, +4.303s
4. Nicolai Kjaergaard, Carlin, +5.397s
5. Tristan Charpentier, Fortec Motorsports, +7.192s
6. Linus Lundqvist, Double R Racing, +7.637s
7. Billy Monger, Carlin, +8.591s
8. Jordan Cane, Douglas Motorsport, +9.003s
9. Jamie Chadwick, Douglas Motorsport, +10.892s
10. Sasakorn Chaimongkol, Hillspeed, +11.216s
11. Clement Novalak, Carlin, +12.681s
12. Arvin Esmaeili, Douglas Motorsport, +17.751s
13. Ben Hurst, Hillspeed, +24.521s
14. Kush Maini, Lanan Racing, +39.708s
15. Jusuf Owega, Hillspeed, +1m07.486s
16. Manuel Maldonado, Fortec Motorsports, +1m49.105s
17. Krishnaraaj Mahadik, Double R Racing, +1m49.232s

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