British F3 - What they said: Silverstone race two

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What they said: Silverstone race two

What they said: Silverstone race two

Sunday 9 June 2019

Benjamin Pedersen, Johnathan Hoggard and Pavan Ravishankar were the top three drivers in the second race of the weekend at Silverstone. Here's what each had to say at the end of the race.

Winner, Benjamin Pedersen:
"I'm really happy with that, we finished second at Snetterton and now we've gone that one place higher. To do it here at a Formula One track, especially Silverstone, is just so amazing and to lead it from lights out to the finish line was really special.

"It was quite a straightforward race, just a matter of not making any mistakes and keeping my head cool and looking forward. Obviously you're monitoring the gap so you're checking the gap behind you but by no means was it an easy race, there was a lot of focus involved and I'm very happy with the overall performance. 

"The goal now is to get more wins, it's a long trip here from America and I don't want anything else other than to win so that's why we're here."

Second, Johnathan Hoggard:
"The car felt amazing, Fortec did a really good job with setting it up, it's been feeling really good all weekend. It's just we've had the issues and setbacks with the grid penalty for race one and a slight penalty at the end of race one which put me back a place. I got a really good start and picked them off one by one from there.

"To be honest, the race felt like it was going on for quite a while and I was wondering when the chequered flag would come out! I was hoping it wouldn't for a few more laps as I think a couple of more laps and we could have challenged for first, but Benjamin did a really good job to pull away at the start and then make my life more difficult trying to catch him up."

Third, Pavan Ravishankar:
"It's not too bad, yesterday wasn't very good but today is better. We'll take that and be happy considering how the season has gone so far. A third place is a big positive and something that I kind of need to get going again so we'll take this. The race wasn't perfect though, I made a few mistakes and the pace started to fall towards the end so I have to look into that and make sure it doesn't happen again. I also made a mistake into the Becketts complex at the end which allowed Johnathan to close up and get past, so we will minimise these mistakes for the next race and try and do better.

"It's a big boost for me and the team and everyone so we will take this and use it to move forward for the rest of the season."

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