British F3 - What they said: Silverstone qualifying

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Next Event:
Oulton Park
11 / 13 April

What they said: Silverstone qualifying

What they said: Silverstone qualifying

Saturday 17 August 2019

Kiern Jewiss, Sasakorn Chaimongkol and Ayrton Simmons were the fastest drivers in qualifying at Silverstone for race one, while Jewiss, Simmons and Johnathan Hoggard were the three fastest drivers based on second quickest times for the race three grid. Here's what each had to say at the end of qualifying.

Double pole, Kiern Jewiss
"It was a good qualifying session, the car was amazing and the team did a great job. I'm very happy and what a way to do it with a double pole, and hopefully we can convert that into a win later on. 

"On the out lap I always get a really good feel for what the car is going to be like when I do start pushing. It felt good so I had a bit of confidence straight away and I was fast. When the rain kind of cooled everything down it gave us one last chance to really go for it. 

"I'd like to get another win, it would be nice but I'll be under a lot of pressure and they'll be coming at me pretty fast down the straights. The tow will play a big part I think. 

"We've done a lot of development as the year has gone on, from where we were at the start of the year until now it's been a good hard journey but now it's all worthwhile."

Sasakorn Chaimongkol
"We had some difficulty with the weather yesterday and managed to be at the front today pretty much for the whole session. Until the last lap we were putting the car in the right place and getting my head around the circuit. Last week we were driving here in the dry and we had a day of testing and we knew where we were going with the car and how to drive it quick around the circuit.

"You always need to improve on your last lap, even if you know your are P1. We were quick but obviously he was a tiny bit quicker towards the end and I made mistakes on my last lap, to the point where I had to come in as I knew I wasn't going to be any faster. Fair play to Kiern, he was right up there. 

"Anything could happen so we will hope for the best in race one."

Ayrton Simmons
"It's really good, the team have done a fantastic job. With no dry running yesterday, and to give me a car to compete within the top three is really impressive. It's really good for the championship, we know we can race here, there's lots of straights so I'm looking forward to the racing. 

"It's so close out there and I never thought it would be that close. I thought I was at least second as I knew my fastest lap time but then realised I was actually third. When the fastest lap came out I was obviously pushing to try and beat that but it was a bit too late. But it's so good for the championship for everyone to be so close. 

"A win is definitely on the cards, even if you're inside the top six can win around here so it's going to be interesting to see what the race is like and I'm looking forward to it."

Johnathan Hoggard 
"It's not too bad but it could have been a bit better I think. I perhaps made a couple of mistakes on my best lap and then it started to rain a little bit. But considering where Clement [Novalak] is, it's not too bad a qualifying. 

"I showed at the last meeting at Silverstone that I can overtake around here as I gained lots of places on the reverse grid, however I've got strong competition up ahead of me so I think it will be tough but I'm going to give it everything."

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