British F3 - What they said: Silverstone race three

What they said: Silverstone race three

What they said: Silverstone race three

Sunday 18 August 2019

Ayrton Simmons, Kiern Jewiss and Neil Verhagen were the top three drivers in the final race of the weekend at Silverstone. Here's what the trio said at the end of the contest:

Winner, Ayrton Simmons:
"We always seem to go pretty well around here. Even in qualifying we had the pace, a bit of a messy first lap yesterday but we always knew we had the pace. I'm really enjoying life at the moment!

"The new tarmac is quite complicated and the starts here are way different to any other track we've raced on. We studied hard overnight and we knew what procedures we needed to do today. We got it right and ended up getting P1 and leading the way from turn one. 

"The championship is a bit of a long way away but all we can do is score as many points as we can. If we can get closer, brilliant, if not then it is what it is and we've had a fantastic season."

Second, Kiern Jewiss:
"Through the corners we were close with him but on the straights he pulled away. He was probably running less downforce than us but I was fast all through the first sector and all the corners, but as soon as we got to a straight he was able to drive away, so I just couldn't do anything. But at the end of the day we need to sort the start, I'd done the hard bit by putting the car on pole but it's not acceptable and I shouldn't be losing it off the line. The starts have been very good up to this weekend and it needs to be sorted. 

"The performance is there but I need to sort the easy part, it's not acceptable from my side and needs to be sorted. My starts have cost me two victories this weekend."

Third, Neil Verhagen:
"From P8 to P3, I'm very happy with that. I wouldn't say this is one of the easier circuits to overtake at but I showed it's possible to get it done. I'm very happy with it and we've made good progress over the weekend. We were quick in practice in the wet, I enjoyed those conditions a lot, but when it dried out for qualifying I didn't have it all right. But with hard work over the weekend and everybody pushing at 100 percent, we were able to make a great result at the end of the weekend, so I couldn't be happier for myself and the team. 

"As much as I love getting podiums, I've been close to the win one too many times so definitely my goal for Donington is to come away with a win."

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