British F3 - What they said: Silverstone race two

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What they said: Silverstone race two

What they said: Silverstone race two

Sunday 8 November 2020

Benjamin Pedersen, Bart Horsten and Nazim Azman were the top three drivers in the penultimate race of the year at Silverstone. Here's what each said at the end of the race.

Winner, Benjamin Pedersen, Double R Racing:
"It all started with a bit of a scramble in the assembly area before the race. A few people stayed on wets but some gambled with slicks. We were one of the ones that gambled and it was absolutely the right call in hindsight. But the startline grip was actually pretty good and we got one off the start. I think it was Manaf [Hijjawi] in front of me on wets for the opening lap and he had just a little bit more pace due to the wet tyres switching on. But I knew it was going to come to me so I wasn't too stressed, I got by him and then kind of checked out, so that was nice!

"The assembly area decision was a spot on call by Double R, they were watching the timing screens every minute up to our race and they could see that the gap was closing with that wet/dry switchover, so full credit to Double R for that decision. 

"I love this track, it's my favourite track in the UK for sure. It obviously makes it a little better when you win! So yeah, a pretty awesome day!"

Second, Bart Horsten, Lanan Racing:
"It was all a bit of a blur to be honest! I'm trying to recount it in my own head. I think I got a pretty good start and made a few places where I needed to on the first lap which is really important in the reverse grid races so you don't get the quicker cars coming up behind you. We obviously made the right choice going onto slicks as the wets dropped off after about two laps, so a good choice by the team there and last minute as well. So a really good job by everyone to change the tyres on the car and get it ready for the race. 

"I think I had a little bit of trouble trying to get past Piers [Prior] but other than that we had really good pace, passed a lot of cars, and got up to Nazim. He defended really well because it's wet off line at a lot of corners and that hurts some of your overtaking opportunities and obviously you get the aero wash following too. So credit to him because it was really hard to get past, it was only when I set him up a few corners before, I had a really nice sector and just managed to get the gap down the inside at Brooklands on the last lap, which was good. To be honest I think we might have had the pace to win that one. Ben looked a little bit slower as I kept the gap equal even though he was in clean air. Credit to everyone at Lanan because we've been really struggling with the car recently and in that race it was a lot closer. It was a really fun race, really good to drive and I really enjoyed it."

Third, Nazim Azman, Carlin:
"I think this is my fifth P3 in a row! Shame it's not a P2 or a P1 but overall it's a great result. We took the gamble on slicks and it was definitely the right choice, by lap two you could see the difference already. I think I overtook everyone who was on wets by lap two or three and after that I was trying to catch Pedersen but I made a few mistakes which cost me a lot of time. Horsten was really quick and he caught up and we were pretty much battling for the entire race. Constantly I had to defend and it was a shame because Pedersen pulled away, but at the end he [Horsten] got me as well. Overall it's still a good result, P3, so we'll see for the next race. For the championship we're still on for P3, it's still possible so I've really got to do a good job for the next race and see where we end up. 

"Getting P3 has definitely been my goal all weekend and it's coming down to the last race, which is crazy, so it's still on the line and I've just got to try. De Pauw went on wets and he got no points so it's pretty close. If not, we can get P4 as well so we'll see where it goes. I think I've secured my P5 in the championship anyway so I'm going to give it my all and see where we end up."

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