British F3 - What they said: Silverstone race one

What they said: Silverstone race one

What they said: Silverstone race one

Saturday 17 August 2019

Sasakorn Chaimongkol, Kiern Jewiss and Johnathan Hoggard were the top three drivers in the first BRDC British F3 race of the weekend at Silverstone. Here's what each had to say at the end of the race. 

Winner, Sasakorn Chaimongkol:
"It's been a long time! We're always super quick in testing and it's just been in qualifying, that one session where you need to be very quick and I couldn't pull it together. But in the last few races I've been back on par with qualifying and it makes it so much easier. If you start up the front and get a good start and a good first lap and get out front, you get your head down and pick up a marker and then try not to look in the mirror!

"On the first lap I got him down at Copse and was able to get a break on him. I had a lead of around a second and then nearly went off at Stowe because of the oil [dropped in an earlier support race] and Jewiss was right on my tail. After that I was just trying to keep my head down and to make as few mistakes as possible - if you're making mistakes you're not going to go forward. I had to be consistent with the lap times, it was the best I could do at that stage.

"It's taken me a bit too long to do this, we've been super quick and if we had that extra bit in the qualifying we could have been so much better earlier this season. But now I'm stood on the middle of the podium, and now we need to repeat this process and hopefully over the next five rounds we can try and do the same."

Second, Kiern Jewiss:
"It was always going to be tough, he was on four new tyres and I would have liked to have got a better start and that's where he got me, he got a slightly better launch and perhaps the inside had a bit more grip. Even from the green flag lap there didn't feel like there was much grip on pole position so I wasn't really looking forward to the start but it is what it is, it's happened, but it was a good race and a good amount of points and I'll take it. 

"I tried to get him on those last few laps but as he had four new tyres he just had that edge on me. But I'm looking forward to the next two races, they should be good."

Third, Johnathan Hoggard:
"A pretty good race, it was all really done off the line and then into Maggotts and Becketts where I managed to get past him [Simmons] as I think he had a moment going around the right hander. That put him back with the rest of the pack. I challenged Kiern a little bit going into Brooklands one lap but after that there wasn't really too much going on. 

"Maybe I could have pushed on a little bit more if I didn't have Kiern in front of me, he seemed a little bit slower off the start but then he picked up the pace towards the end of the race. I think he wanted to get into P1 but other than that, that was the race. 

"It's been a good result today with Clement finishing seventh, but he will start a little bit further up on the reverse grid, but we will see how far up I can get as well."

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