British F3 - What they said: Snetterton race three

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What they said: Snetterton race three

What they said: Snetterton race three

Sunday 4 October 2020

Louis Foster, Kaylen Frederick and Benjamin Pedersen were the top-three drivers in the third race of the weekend at Snetterton. Here's what each said at the end of a very wet encounter.

Winner - Louis Foster, Double R Racing:
"Kaylen behind me probably couldn't see much, looking at those conditions! But equally on my side I was entering every corner first and there were so many puddles, I didn't know where was safe and where wasn't. On lap one at the exit of turn seven there was this massive puddle that we didn't spot and I nearly spun round on it. I aquaplaned all over it, so it was quite difficult to lead the pack, they could just follow where I was going. But the car was amazing, Double R did a great job and it really clicked on towards the end. Initially I was just finding where the grip was and figuring out where the puddles where that would make me aquaplane, and then once I'd got the track sussed and figured out where everything was, I put the laps in and gapped Frederick a little bit.

"Mid way through the race he was quite close behind me, I think on one lap he was right behind me under the bridge and I saw that. As soon as I noticed he was there, I started pushing more. I left about two percent in the bag in the first half, just because I didn't really know what the conditions were like and how much grip there really was. It's quite difficult in those conditions when there's so much at stake, it's not like it's a practice session where you can push and if you go off it doesn't matter. But once I realised he was pushing more than me and obviously there was more grip than I thought, I then started to push and gap him, and kept him about two seconds behind me towards the end. 

"I think we're on pole [for race four], which is usually good but at this track in wet conditions, the person on the front row in second place usually has an advantage, just because of the way the track is. The right hand side of the grid all the way down to the back, so pole and third and fifth and so on with all those grid spots are damper and a bit more rubbered in so it's hard to get traction off the line. Once I heard that the start for this race was a safety car start I thanked my lucky stars really. We'll see what we can do in the next race, obviously starting on pole we will try and get a good start and see what happens."

Second - Kaylen Frederick, Carlin:
"Obviously it was a bit strange, my first safety car start. Whenever I tried to push right behind him I couldn't see anything so I was always compromised. I had a couple of corners where I was right behind him but it would have been very easy to go off because I couldn't see anything. He had really great pace at the beginning and at the end, so it's a bit of a shame but I'll take a second place here.

"We're all still focusing on ourselves [in terms of the championship], but we're doing a great job to catch up. It was a real shame what happened two yesterday as we lost out a bit there, but to be honest we've come back with a great result today so I'm happy."

Third - Benjamin Pedersen, Double R Racing:
"For sure that was the most tricky conditions of the weekend. It was extremely wet and aquaplaning on the straights. But I'm really happy to get my first podium and in a non-reversed grid race. It was a lot of hard work and I think we're starting further down in the next race so I'll need to focus for that. 

"Especially after yesterday, we started from P3 and the same spot, but I stalled. So I'm glad to have had that second chance today and get that result. We still have more pace to come in the dry and a bit more to work on in the wet, but all eyes are forward!"

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