British F3 - Thoughts of a champion: Kaylen Frederick

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Thoughts of a champion: Kaylen Frederick

Thoughts of a champion: Kaylen Frederick

Sunday 8 November 2020

Carlin's Kaylen Frederick secured the 2020 BRDC British F3 title at Silverstone, taking two wins from the three races, and finally wrapping it up with a lights to flag win in the final race of the year. 

After the dust had settled on the campaign, Frederick shared his thoughts with us. 

Kaylen, you're the 2020 BRDC British F3 champion, it's an hour after the race, has it sunk in yet?
"It has a little bit more! Just thinking about plans going into the future, it just makes things a lot easier getting into other teams or even just my self confidence going into the bigger series. It will help me out just that little bit. I'm just so thankful that we could pull it off, everyone has been working so unbelievably hard for it and I think I'll wake up in the morning with a better outlook on all the efforts that everyone's put in today and across the rest of the season. I'm just so thankful."

It's been one of the most dominant British F3 title campaigns we've seen. There's been a few ups and downs but the nine wins speak for themselves don't they?
"We struggled quite a bit after Brands and it wasn't looking amazing. After that we were just on the up, we got a win at every race weekend and qualified on the front row every weekend. We put in the work we had to and we made up that point deficit, and then extended our lead even more. It's really showed the potential that we had, but we perhaps made it a bit harder for ourselves than we needed to!"

After Brands Hatch, you lost the championship lead that you had built up nicely in the first few rounds. Did you feel like you'd lost it or were you confident that you could get to where you are now?
"It wasn't looking great to be honest! But I didn't think it was lost because it was only the third race weekend of the year. But we knew what potential we had so if we put everything together then I think we would have been in a great spot and I think that's what we did. We all pushed super hard for the last few races even though some people were in tricky situations and had some issues in their lives, they all were there to support us and help us improve. So again, I'm really thankful. Everyone couldn't make it for these last few weekends because it's been something really special."

What's your secret been, because some of the wins you've had have been so dominant. You've just pulled away by seven, eight or nine seconds, which is something we don't see very often
"It all just comes down to the preparation. We've been so efficient in testing to get where we are and get the car where it needs to be at every track. We just put together everything we could and threw everything we had. It really just showed that we had the best car combination this year and we were pretty much unstoppable towards the end with double poles and double wins in the last two race weekends."

Now that you've got the championship in the bag and proven your pace, what are you looking to do next?
"It'll probably still be another form of F3, whether that's FIA F3 or EuroFormula, we'll see. We'll see what series suits us better but this championship will help us out going into whatever we want to do next year."

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