British F3 - USA, dealing cars, and aiming far: Getting to know you with Bryce Aron

Event Live:
24 / 25 July

Event Live:
24 / 25 July

USA, dealing cars, and aiming far: Getting to know you with Bryce Aron

USA, dealing cars, and aiming far: Getting to know you with Bryce Aron

Thursday 17 June 2021

Carlin’s Bryce Aron has made the big jump from national level Formula Ford into BRDC British F3 this year, and is already well on the pace.

The 17-year-old is next up in our getting to know you feature series, where he reveals how he’s been around cars his whole life, winning the Team USA Scholarship and flat sharing with a mechanic!

Over to Bryce…

Where is your hometown and can you tell us anything interesting about where you’re from?
My hometown is Winnetka Illinois, a suburb about 25 minutes North of Chicago, IL USA.  

Will you be travelling from your home country to race in British F3 or have you moved to live in the UK? If so, where in the UK will you be living?
I actually moved to the UK for this season and am living in a flat with one of the mechanics on Carlin’s British F3 team, Richard Legge, who is my teammate Zak’s lead mechanic. Our flat itself is in Farnham, just 10 minutes away from the Carlin factory. I will be overseas here in the UK for the majority of the season. 

How did you first become interested in motorsport?
My family’s business is a car dealership in the States so I have always been around cars my entire life. I remember from a very young age playing around with cars and always wanting to be behind a wheel. I actually dragged my family into racing which was a very hard sell but here we are now! 

Who has been your biggest career influence so far?
My mother Alyson. If it wasn’t for her I’m not sure I would be in Motorsport.  I always wanted to race but thanks to her, I was able to. She’s always pushed me to be a better version of myself and has always supported my dreams. 

Tell us about your career so far and how it has got you to this position in British F3 now?
After a few years of national karting in the States, I moved into F1600 at 15 for my first year in cars where I finished third. Last year I also lived in the UK, but with Cliff and Michelle Dempsey, and competed in British Formula Fords. At the end of the year I managed to win the Team USA Scholarship and compete at the Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes trophy where I finished third. The scholarship itself has previously been won by Josef Newgarden, Jimmy Vasser, and Conor Daly. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my career and it was an honour representing the programme. This year I decided to move into British F3 as it seemed like the hardest championship I could do in my first year in a slicks and wings car. 

Which circuit are you most looking forward to racing on?
I’m ecstatic to be going to Spa, Silverstone, and Brands this year as they all look amazing to drive and have such great histories. 

What is your aim for the 2021 British F3 season?
I would say to learn as much as possible throughout the season and just to improve myself as much as I can during the year. A top five in the championship would be great but I am looking forward to making myself a better driver as I learn slicks and wings racing. 

What is your biggest hidden talent?
I believe my car control, once I get adapted to a certain car. Also, maybe not necessarily a talent, but my work ethic off the track is something I am very proud of. I have committed my life to racing so I really try to improve myself as much as I can off of the track. 

What are your ultimate career ambitions?
To compete at the top echelons of Motorsport in Formula 1, IndyCar, or WEC. 

A few topshots from the family album:

Getting ready for a kart race


A rather cheerful young Bryce

Ahead of a Formula Ford race

Team USA Scholarship winner

After the Walter Hayes Trophy at Silverstone

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