British F3 - Event Format

Next Event:
Oulton Park
11 / 13 April

Next Event:
Oulton Park
11 / 13 April

Event Format

The BRDC British Formula 3 Championship is run by MSVR and comprises 24 races across eight events.

The weekend format includes a 20 minute qualifying session and three 20 minute races.

The grid for the first is set in qualifying order, the grid for the second a full reverse of race one finishers, and the grid for the third race in order of each driver's second fastest laps in qualifying. Such a format provides exciting racing, the opportunity for drivers to develop overtaking skills.

Click here for full details on the new race two format. 

The minimum licence requirement for the BRDC British Formula 3 Championship is National A. Testing is unrestricted.

2019 Registration Fee = £2975 + VAT

2019 Entry Fee (per event) = £825 + VAT


Click here to download the 2019 season briefing document. 

Points are scored from 35 for a win to 1 for 20th using the following system in races one and three each weekend:

1st: 35pts   6th: 17pts   11th: 10pts   16th: 5pts 
2nd: 29pts 7th: 15pts 12th: 9pts 17th: 4pts
3rd: 24pts 8th: 13pts 13th: 8pts 18th: 3pts
4th: 21pts 9th: 12pts 14th: 7pts 19th: 2pts
5th: 19pts 10th: 11pts 15th: 6pts 20th: 1pt

In the reverse grid race two, points are scored from 20 for a win to 1 for 15th using the following system:

1st: 20pts   6th: 10pts   11th: 5pts  
2nd: 17pts 7th: 9pts 12th: 4pts
3rd: 15pts 8th: 8pts 13th: 3pts
4th: 13pts 9th: 7pts 14th: 2pts
5th: 11pts 10th: 6pts 15th: 1pts

In addition to these, points are also awarded in race two for positions gained during the race. So for example, if a driver started eighth and finished first, they would gain a total of 27 points.