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Podium aim for rookie Maxwell before end of the season

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2016 Championship
After Race Three - Spa-Francorchamps
1.Collard, R354pts
2.Leist, M350pts
3.Randle, T335pts
4.Sowery, T321pts
5.Ahmed, E263pts
6.Norris, L247pts
7.Reddy, T197pts
8.Bortoleto, E190pts
9.Maxwell, T190pts
10.Huovinen, A188pts
Race 3 - Spa Francorchamps
1.Norris, L9 Laps
2.Leist, M+0.508s
3.Palmer, W+3.065s
4.Sowery, T+8.561s
5.Randle, T+8.881s
6.Collard, R+10.187s
7.Maxwell, T+10.694s
8.Denyssen, E+11.076s
9.Reddy, T+11.805s
10.Hingeley, B+15.200s
Race 2 - Spa Francorchamps
1.Randle, T9 Laps
2.Sowery, T+0.469s
3.Reddy, T+3.696s
4.Ahmed, E+3.882s
5.Leist, M+4.096s
6.Collard, R+4.551s
7.Ngebulana, S+4.551s
8.Hingeley, B+9.430s
9.Al Zubair, A+10.568s
10.Bortoleto, E+10.685s
Race 1 - Spa Francorchamps
1.Norris, L5 Laps
2.Leist, M+1.384s
3.Collard, R+1.858s
4.Ahmed, E+2.131s
5.Sowery, T+3.213s
6.Reddy, T+7.909s
7.Hingeley, B+10.659s
8.Al Zubair, A+13.153s
9.Randle, T+15.395s
10.Bortoleto, E+16.044s