Race winner Randle to compete in Prototype Cup with Douglas Motorsport

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2016 Championship
After Race 24 - Final
1.Leist, M493pts
2.Collard, R466pts
3.Sowery, T457pts
4.Randle, T424pts
5.Ahmed, E349pts
6.Reddy, T284pts
7.Maxwell, T265pts
8.Norris, L247pts
9.Huovinen, A245pts
10.Hingeley, B232pts
Race 3 - Donington Park
1.Sowery, T13 Laps
2.Ahmed, E+4.479s
3.Randle, T+4.751s
4.Scott, H+5.165s
5.Leist, M+6.134s
6.Collard, R+6.436s
7.Reddy, T+15.115s
8.Pull, J+16.532s
9.Maxwell, T+16.899s
10.Wahome, J+24.030s
Race 2 - Donington Park
1.Sowery, T13 Laps
2.Denyssen, E+7.624s
3.Maxwell, T+8.203s
4.Scott, H+8.337s
5.Leist, M+8.640s
6.Ahmed, E+9.898s
7.Reddy, T+10.632s
8.Randle, T+10.756s
9.Ismail, O+11.806s
10.Collard, R+12.091s
Race 1 - Donington Park
1.Leist, M8 Laps
2.Scott, H+0.519s
3.Hingeley, B+1.279s
4.Sowery, T+1.596s
5.Maxwell, T+3.239s
6.Ahmed, E+4.209s
7.Huovinen, A+6.363s
8.Denyssen, E+6.658s
9.Ismail, O+7.301s
10.Rabindra, A+8.443s